Online Functional Skills Level 1 Courses – English and Maths

Our online Functional Skills Level 1 courses are perfect for anyone who needs to show they have a basic understanding of English and maths, using a recognised qualification.

These courses are to be studied online, but the difference with our courses is that you also have live weekly online lessons with an experienced Functional Skills tutor who will teach you the content, show you crucial exam techniques so you are well prepared for your exam, and answer any questions you have so you can build confidence in your knowledge.

You can take each subject separately or choose our most popular option, the ‘Functional Skills Level 1 English & Maths Course Bundle’, which will help you get through all the content you need – with weekly live online lessons with an experienced Functional Skills Tutor.

What is Included in Our Online Functional Skills Level 1 Courses

Live weekly online lessons taught by an experienced Functional Skill tutor.
Work with a small group up to 10 students, making it fun and engaging, but not so big that you get lost!
Learn paper techniques so you can take your Functional Skills Level 1 English and maths exams with confidence.
Pay for your course on a subscription basis, which guarantees you have the support you need, cancel when you have passed your exam.

What You Will Study in The Online Functional Skills Level 1 Courses

Number – calculating with whole numbers, fractions and decimals, using percentages, estimating and checking your answers with and without a calculator.
Measurement – shapes, spaces and time using standard measures to calculate flat and 3D shapes, areas, speed, etc.
Handling data – understanding and using charts, tables, graphs, timetables, etc.

Entry Requirements for the Online Functional Skills Level 1 Courses

You will sit a short initial assessment of your English or maths skills before starting the course so we can place you at the appropriate level.

How Much Are the Online Functional Skills Level 1 Courses?

The cost for each subject is £80 per month. With this payment plan, you can continue to learn without worrying about taking the exam until you feel prepared. Once you pass your exam, you have the option to cancel your subscription. Therefore, if you successfully complete your learning and pass the exam within two months, the total tuition cost would be up to £160 per subject only.
We are excited to offer a discounted price for our English and Maths Bundle courses! This means that you can now learn the content for both the Functional Skills English and Functional Skills Maths exams, while saving money in the process. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!
Functional Skills Level 1 courses
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