Functional Skills Maths

Functional Skills maths is a comprehensive qualification aimed at enhancing the mathematical abilities of both young individuals and adults, enabling them to effectively apply these skills in various aspects of their lives, including employment.

Whether you are a beginner or possess a basic understanding of mathematics, Functional Skills UK is dedicated to providing the necessary support to help you attain a Maths qualification.

We provide two levels of Functional Skills maths qualifications, with the highest level, Level 2, which is equivalent to a GCSE grade C/4.

Our Functional Skills Course Delivery Options

We have a number of different delivery options available for learners to choose from:

No matter the delivery option you choose, you will have access to our online resources with video tutorials, past questions, marking schemes, and other useful resources from our awarding body, as well as a number of practice exams for you to complete so that you have all the knowledge (and confidence) you need before you sit the exam.

In order to gain a Functional Skills maths qualification, you are required to sit and pass an exam, which has some questions that you will use a calculator to work out the answers (the calculator paper) and other parts that you will need to work out without one (the non-calculator paper). 

Once you have passed the exams, you will receive a certificate from the awarding body as proof of the new skills you have learnt!

Learning Outcomes of Functional Skills Maths

Taking a Functional Skills maths exam has many benefits – from building your confidence in maths to getting a well-recognised and respected maths qualification for college or university admission or employment, including:

  • Read, understand and use mathematical information and terms.
  • Identify suitable operations and calculations to generate answers.
  • Check the sense and reasonableness of answers.
  • Present and explain results clearly and accurately with reasoning to support answers.
Highfield Functional Skills approved centre

Functify Learning (part of Geek School Tutoring) is a training provider for the Highfield awarding body.

Why Choose Our Functional Skills Course?

Get A Nationally Recognised Qualification

Our level 2 Functional Skills courses in English and maths are equivalent to achieving a grade 4 (old C-grade) in the equivalent GCSE exams, and they are nationally recognised by colleges and universities and employers.

No Experience Needed – You Take a Test Before You Start

We will teach you everything you need to know so you can pass the exams, whatever your level. We will help you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to get to so you can get closer to your dream career!

Experienced Functional Skills Tutors

Apart from getting access to excellent resources and tutorials we provide with our courses, you can be confident in your studies knowing that you will receive support and guidance from your personal tutor during live online weekly lessons.

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