Functional Skills English and Maths Level 2 – Online Course

Are you ready to take your English and math skills to the next level? Our Functional Skills Level 2 bundle course combines Functional Skills English Level 2 and Functional Skills Maths Level 2, providing you with a comprehensive learning experience. Designed for distance learning, this bundle comes with online support and live sessions conducted by our experienced Functional Skills tutors.

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Level 2 Functional Skills English and Maths Courses

Key Features of the Course

1. Functional Skills English Level 2:

  • Elevate your reading, writing, and communication skills to an advanced level.
  • Gain confidence in handling complex language tasks and scenarios.
  • Study conveniently online, allowing flexibility in your schedule.
  • Access expert tutor support for personalized guidance and assistance.
  • Prepare effectively for your exams with practice assessments.

2. Functional Skills Maths Level 2:

  • Enhance your numeracy skills to tackle more advanced mathematical problems.
  • Develop a higher level of mathematical proficiency for practical situations.
  • Enjoy the convenience of online learning, tailored to your pace.
  • Receive guidance and support from experienced tutors.
  • Practice extensively with assignments and assessments to excel in your exams.

Online Support

Our bundle course is designed for distance learning, enabling you to study from the comfort of your own home. What sets it apart is the comprehensive online support you’ll receive, including live sessions with our experienced Functional Skills tutors. These live online sessions offer an interactive learning experience, allowing you to ask questions, seek clarification, and receive direct guidance from our experts.

Why Choose Our Level 2 Bundle Course

  • Advanced learning: Elevate your skills to Functional Skills Level 2 in both English and math.
  • Expert guidance: Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our tutors.
  • Exam readiness: Prepare thoroughly with practice assessments and live tutor support.
  • Flexible study: Learn at your own pace with our user-friendly online resources.

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of both Functional Skills English Level 2 and Functional Skills Maths Level 2, you’ll receive official certificates from nationally recognised examination boards. These qualifications can significantly enhance your confidence and employability.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have some prior knowledge, our Level 2 bundle course is designed to help you succeed in both English and math at an advanced Functional Skills Level 2. Get ready to take your skills to new heights!

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