Retaking Functional Skills Courses: Is There a Limit? Get A Clear View on Course Retakes

Functional Skills courses

Are you concerned about the limits on retaking Functional Skills courses in English and maths? It’s a concern for many learners – especially when there have been.

At, our courses are designed to support our students throughout their entire journey, from registration to exam pass – and there is no time limit on passing, unless you decide to stop!

Unlimited Attempts At Completing Functional Skills Courses and Exams: A Policy Focused on Learner Success stands out with its learner-centric approach, offering unlimited attempts for Functional Skills courses. This policy reflects our commitment to your continuous learning and improvement.

Detailed Look at Retake Opportunities

No Cap on Functional Skills Courses Enrolments

  • You have the freedom to retake Functional Skills courses as many times as necessary. This flexibility is key to accommodating different learning paces and styles.

Personalised Support for Each Functional Skills Exam Attempt

  • Our courses are designed to provide individualised support, ensuring that each retake brings you closer to your goal. Expert tutors focus on areas where you need improvement, enhancing the effectiveness of subsequent attempts.
Functional Skills Courses

Efficient Learning: We Help Our functional Skills Students Pass Their Exams in Fewer Attempts

While unlimited retakes are available, our aim is to help you succeed sooner. Our teaching methods are tailored to improve understanding and performance, reducing the likelihood of multiple retakes. We also have our online learning platform which includes Functional Skills English and maths video tutorials, assessments, past questions and so much value that you can confidently sign up for our Functional Skills courses without thinking about retakes.

Start Your Functional Skills Journey

Ready to take on Functional Skills without the worry of limits? Join and experience a learning environment that adapts to your needs, supporting you until you reach your goals.

Online Functional Skills Maths and English Qualifications Level 2 Courses

Functional Skills Level 1 English

Build a strong foundation in English with a focus on basic literacy skills. Ideal for starting your learning journey.

Functional Skills Level 2 English

Enhance your English proficiency to a higher level, equivalent to GCSE grades A*-C. Improve your critical reading and writing skills.

Functional Skills Level 1 Maths

Start with fundamental maths skills, covering essential concepts and practical applications.

Functional Skills Level 2 Maths

Advance your maths skills suitable for academic progression and practical problem-solving.

Functional Skills Level 1 English and Maths Bundle

Get comprehensive learning in both English and Maths at Level 1 at a discounted bundle price.

Functional Skills Level 1 English and Maths Bundle

Excel in both subjects at Level 2 with our bundled offer, providing a well-rounded educational experience.

Highfield Functional Skills approved centre
Our courses are Highfield qualifications. You will be working with Functify Learning (part of Geek School Tutoring) to complete your learning and the exam Online.

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