Can I get onto A levels with Functional Skills qualifications?

A levels with Functional Skills

Can you still get onto A levels with Functional Skills qualifications? The good news is that, yes – you can! Read on to find out how Functional Skills can get you onto the A-level path.

A-levels are a gateway to higher education and many degree courses. They have a reputation for being academically rigorous, requiring you to have strong skills in maths and literacy. But what if you don’t have GCSEs or have poor grades?

Understanding Functional Skills

Functional Skills qualifications are designed to develop practical skills in maths, English, and ICT at different levels. They are widely recognised by employers, universities, and colleges in the UK and assess essential skills that employers look for in recruits. The qualifications involve assessments conducted at a centre with a range of tasks and activities that demonstrate the knowledge and practical abilities of the learner.

A-level entry requirements for Functional Skills

A-level entry requirements often depend on the institution. Some colleges will require you to have GCSEs with a minimum grade of C or above, while some will accept Functional Skills as an alternative. Many institutions now recognise Functional Skills as equivalents to GCSEs. So, if you have Functional Skills at Level 2 in Maths and English, you may be eligible to take A-level courses.

A levels with Functional Skills

Preparing for A levels with Functional Skills

As A-level courses are more advanced than GCSEs, getting six months to a year of Foundation course study is recommended before taking on A levels. For adult learners and career changers, the chances of gaining a place on an A-level course with Functional Skills qualifications are much higher than gaining GCSEs in Maths and English. This is why most adult learners are now opting for Functional Skills courses.

Advantages of using Functional Skills for A-level entry

Functional Skills qualifications have many advantages, including offering practical and hands-on training in maths, English, and ICT. They help adults and students improve their academic abilities and offer unique opportunities for those who need alternative routes to A-level qualifications. Functional Skills courses are also flexible, with different levels and courses available to suit different needs. They provide students with the essential skills needed for higher education or vocational training.

Functional Skills qualifications are an excellent starting point for learners who wish to study A-levels. They offer practical skills and knowledge and can help students to improve their academic abilities. Many colleges now recognise them as equivalents to GCSEs, and they are funded by the government. Studying for a Functional Skills qualification and using it to gain entry into an A-level course is a great and flexible option for adult learners, career changers, and foreign students. If you feel like you are not ready for A-levels, consider enrolling in Foundation courses or looking for support and guidance from the National Careers Service.

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